At Baltic Stars we are employing not only people with great basketball knowledge but also those who can lead from the front and be great example for younger generation. We are proud of our small and dedicated staff team, ensuring that every child is looked upon individually and their parents attitudes are highly valued if there is a need for more personal approach. We are working with professional and experienced basketball coaches only, as their teaching programmes are designed to provide children with the most advanced basketball agendas to the date.


Jordanas Mejeras


Basketball always was part of Jordanas life since he can remember. He played basketball professionaly in the 2nd Lithuanian division before moving to the States. In there he finished BSc in Business Administration/Marketing and continued playing basketball. Once he moved to London he came up with an idea to establish basketball academy when he saw lack of professional organisations in this country. Baltic Stars Club was established in 2011 with purpose to provide high quality training to young generation. Also, to translate what basketball teaches into real life situations, such us as being resilient, being a great teammate, having discipline and strong work ethic. Jordanas is proud that after 10 years club not only continues teaching kids life lessons and basketball but also became one of the top junior basketball programs in England. This was achieved together with our players, fans, parents, coaches and sponsors. During all those years Jordanas was recognised by Basketball England as coach of the year in London Region in 2020 and won Joe White award for demonstrating high level of teaching in Luol Deng Camp (2014).

Vilius Jastremskas

Managing Director

Vilius joined Baltic Stars in 2020/21 season and brings a lot of management experience. Basketball always played a huge role in his life as he played it for over 15 years. In his professional career Vilius started coaching young kids and grew all the way to becoming first Lithuanian managing British Basketball League (BBL) team. During 2019/20 season he signed world-famous Lavrinovich twins to play for England team. This resulted into quadrupled visitors attendance to the team and national and international club coverage. During his life Vilius also managed top British-Lithuanian teams - BC Medelynas & London Lituanica. Vilius educational background is BSc Sport Science and he is currently overtaking MSc in Marketing. In his professional career outside basketball Vilius has more than 5 years of experience in managing sales & marketing departments in Construction and Retail firms.

Andrius Mazutis

U-13 Head Coach / U-15 Head Coach

Andrius Mazutis is ex-professional basketball player who represented Lithuanian National team in 2009. He joined Baltic Stars in 2015 and is one of the reasons of club success. He is a true example of leadership in Baltic Stars organisation and is responsible for coaching technique amongst all age groups. Andrius played basketball professionally for over 20 years in Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan and other countries. His knowledge and experience is one of the biggest assets that our club has and values every day.

Kelvin Facey

Baltic Camps Coach

Kelvin Facey has been working at Basketball Club Baltic Stars for the last two seasons. He has played basketball as a High School student, overseas. His athlete’s career was interrupted by injury that empowered him to qualify as a Wheel Chair Coach. In the following years coaching has enabled Kelvin to get back on his feet after the injury as well as pursue career in Basketball Coaching.  He did not stop there. Working with NASSA, UK for over decade, his work was recognised by following awards: John Sage Award (Volunteer Coach Award) in 2012; Gillette Community Coach of the Year in 2014; Sport Coach of the Year, UK later on in 2014 (Winner Award); 2014 UK Sport Award (Runner up) and in 2016 Community Champion Award. Since leaving NASSA, Kelvin has been promoting basketball in various schools of Newham as well as teaching the students he’s been working with a set of tools to handle daily life challenges. As a coach, Kelvin Facey has brought teams to Final Fours numerous times and of various age groups. His work ethics entrusts young athletes to reach their potential.

Nestor Diaz

U-14 Head Coach

Nestor joined Baltic Stars in 2020/21 season and became Head Coach of U14 team where he was always felt most comfortable at. Nestor brings basketball culture from his home country - Spain. He started coaching in 2008 in his hometown - Tenerife. During all those years he learnt from top coaches in Spain and brought this experience to the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom Nestor had an opportunity to be appointed as a head coach of U13 & U15 London Regional teams by Basketball England. Last 5 years he spent working in London Thunder basketball academy where he won U13 Premier League in London and became third in the whole United Kingdom.

Diana Naydenova

Baltic Grays Head Coach

Diana Naydenova is responsible for developing youth stars in Grays area. Diana had an impressive career winning multiple national championships and cups in both Bulgaria and Croatia – where she spent the majority of her career. Naydenova has played in multiple EuroBaskets (2005, 2009), and represented Bulgaria at the Junior World Championships in 1993. She also had success in inter-continental competition, winning two Adriatic League titles with Croatian side ŽKK Gospić, and also had stints in Macedonia, Italy and Austria.