Vilius Jastremskas

Managing Director

Vilius joined Baltic Stars in 2020/21 season and brings a lot of management experience. Basketball always played a huge role in his life as he played it for over 15 years. In his professional career Vilius started coaching young kids and grew all the way to becoming first Lithuanian managing British Basketball League (BBL) team. During 2019/20 season he signed world-famous Lavrinovich twins to play for England team. This resulted into quadrupled visitors attendance to the team and national and international club coverage. During his life Vilius also managed top British-Lithuanian teams – BC Medelynas & London Lituanica.

Vilius educational background is BSc Sport Science and he is currently overtaking MSc in Marketing. In his professional career outside basketball Vilius has more than 5 years of experience in managing sales & marketing departments in Construction and Retail firms.